Woking Borough Council is seeking responses to its proposed Site Allocation DPD by end of business day Monday 17 December and it was suggested that we publish some information for those of you interested in reviewing.
Background Information

Background information has been published by Woking Borough Council and is available on it’s Woking 2027 website. The following links are relevant:

Ground for Objections

A large number of objections will help to challenge the legality of this site being in the current site allocations document. For those of you who do not support the site allocation then here are some suggestions for raising objections below. Note that you do not have to go to the final inspectors examination if you raise objections but only if you wish to give evidence in person.

Legal Matters

1. The Westfield site UA44 was not part of the Consultation as described by the LDS ( Local Development scheme) during preparation February – July 2013, and March – May 2014 and on-going throughout the process Consultation on draft Site Allocations DPD (Reg. 18) June 2015 – July 2015.

2. Has the DPD been prepared in accordance with the Council’s Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)? No it was not consulted on publicly and as it was not consulted on it is not legal or sound to include it in the current site allocations proposals map. It needs a full public consultation.

3. It needs a full sustainability appraisal – the DPD says “Appropriate and adequate provision of car, coach and cycle parking in accordance with the adopted car and cycle parking standards but that takes into account the site’s sustainable location and will not compromise on highway safety;” but there is no evidence that this is a sustainable location for more than a few additional properties.

4.The SHLAA says that site SHLAAHOE001 “is suitable for 40 additional dwellings” – this was not consulted on.

5. Suggestions that the site has “excellent accessibility” are desktop studies and have not measured the actual distance to local shops and amenities on foot or by bike

6. The site in the SHLAA is smaller than the site in the DPD and there is no evidence that the larger site is available for development. Appendix 3-4 of the SHLAA ( Sustainability appraisal) has the information on page 196 – see http://www.woking2027.info/ldfresearch/shlaa/shlaaappthreefour.

7. It might be worth noting that Loop Road is Urban open space, as it is open to all local residents for outdoor exercise and needs to be designated as such on the site allocations map so as to protect it for future generations.

Suggested changes for Site UA 44

8. “Density of development should maximise the efficient use of the site without compromising the general character of the area;” This needs consulting on as many local people don’t want maximised density on the site.

9. Remove site UA44 from DPD as it has not been consulted on and has no sustainability appraisal backing the entire site being added to the document.
Other suggested changes to DPD and proposals map.

10. Designate Loop road recreation ground as “urban open space” colouring it bright green on the map as other local recreation grounds have been.

11. Page 360 of DPD contains a typo describing UA44 as “Former St Dunstans Church, White Rose Lane”. This needs amending.