Old Woking Community Centre
5th November 2018

A second meeting of the Neighbourhood forum was held on Friday 2 Nov.

A sealed ballot of members opinions was held to determine that the Chosen Hoe Valley area had widespread support.

Results here (needs link to results).

A draft constitution was presented and members were all given the opportunity to comment and amend with votes taken on number of members in the committee and if business owners could have voting rights.

The needs for a local plan were discussed by sections and everyone present was encouraged to sign up for one or two of the working groups.

A wider consultation of area of forum and constitution was agreed, which would start with an online survey of local residents (Karen Smith volunteered), creation of a a new website (Bill Corney volunteered) and a stall at the Old Woking Community Centre car boot the following Saturday (Robert Shatwell volunteered) with full sized map of the area (Louise Morales).


  1. Constitution of the Hoe Valley Neighbourhood Forum.
  2. Map of the Neighbourhood Forum.