Following an act of Parliament local communities have the right under the Localism Act (2011) to form a Neighbourhood Forum in order to influence the development of their area via the production of:

  • Neighbourhood Development Plan(s)
  • Neighbourhood Development Orders
  • Community Right to Build Orders

This allows a properly constituted forum to have some control over where houses and commercial buildings get built; push for new facilities and control the form of development that goes ahead.

A bunch of locals are trying to establish a Neighbourhood Forum for the Hoe Valley area (Kingfield, Old Woking & Westfield) and are in the early stages of setup.

We see the purpose of the Hoe Valley Neighbourhood Forum (Hoe Valley NF) to further the social, economic and environmental well-being of the Old Woking, Kingfield & Westfield areas (residents, workers and businesses). The forum encompasses everyone, residents and businesses and we will welcome comments from all.

It’s the only real way we think us locals can get some real influence on the development agenda for this part of the world.  And frankly who better than us – the people of Hoe Valley – to shape this?

Part of the initial setup is to make an application to the local council to get the body officially recognised.  This involves submitting an application to Council regarding the constitution and forum area.  The Council will then consult on this.  In parallel we will be taking steps to mobilise volunteers to participate.


The following people were elected as Officer for the forum at the AGM held 09 Aug 2020:

Bob ShatwellChair
Bill CorneyTreasurer
Nic PrettySecretary


Other Committee Members

The following people have been appointed to the committee in the following roles:

Deborah HughesCommittee Member
Louise MoralesLocal Councillor liaison
Andy CaulfieldLocal Councillor liaison
Jeremy InstoneGeneral member

For more information email secretary@hoevalleynf.org.uk.